The project has two organizational partners in Mexico: 

  • National Program for the Prevention and Control of Vector-borne Diseases, Secretary of Health
  • Center for Atmospheric Sciences, UNAM National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico.

Two key contacts with the UNAM Center for Atmospheric Sciences are: 

Dr. Víctor Magaña, the leading CRN researcher in Mexico on Climate Variability and its Impact on the Mexican, Central American and Caribbean Regions; and Dr. Carlos Gay, researcher and director of the Network of Researchers on Climate Change in Mexico.

Other collaborators and contacts in Mexico are:

  • National Meteorological Service
  • National Commission of Water
  • Mexican Institute of Water Technology
  • State authorities in the states selected for undertaking the study at the regional level
  • Luis Miguel Morales Manilla, geographer and M.Sc. head of the Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Laboratory at the National Autonomous University of Mexico's Institute of Geography
  • Dirección General de Epidemiología, Secretary of Health (SSA)
  • Head Office of Analysis and Dissemination of Health Information, SSA.

The project has fostered the development of a network of exchange of information related to public health, epidemiology and meteorology/climatology.