Climate Variability and Human Health Impacts in Mexico

Funding Institution

Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

Three students in the first year have had opportunities to get involved in a major research project:

  • PhD student: Mario Caballero Ramírez (Thesis: Malaria and its relationship with "El Niño" and other ecological and socioeconomic factors in two regions from Mexico)
  • Masters student: Magali Hurtado (Thesis: Regional epidemiological analysis)
  • Masters student: Jose Luis Texcalac (Thesis: Geographic information systems in dengue areas.)

The students are at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). 

The project offers opportunities for training and development in several fields of investigation:

  • Epidemiology, especially the methodology of the designs in ecological studies of time series.
  • Statistics, especially analysis of multiple regression, cross-correlations, power spectral analysis, etc. 
  • Geographical Information Systems.
  • Meteorology and climatology, including models of meteorological prediction and especially of the phenomenon "El Niño"