Climate Variability and Human Health Impacts in Venezuela

Funding Institution

Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

Project Summary

Five students have had opportunities to get involved in long-term research projects at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) in Caracas.

  • Moises Vásquez
  • Yesenia Bocanegra
  • Jean Carlos Martínez
  • Francys Sanez
  • Silvia García

Four undergraduates supported by the project were paired to work on theses.

  • Yesenia Bocanegra and Jean Carlos Martínez, "Cartographic Model to evaluate the epidemiological risk associated to malaria in the municipality of Sifontes, Bolívar state". School of Geography, UCV. Supervised by Profs. Mylene Gutiérrez and Laura Delgado. Approved with honors November 2003.
    Abstract (.doc) 
  • Silvia García and Francys Sanez. "Influence of the physical-geographic elements in the dynamics of malaria in the Paria Peninsula, Sucre state". School of Geography, UCV.
    Supervisors: Profs. Laura Delgado, Néstor Martínez and Yasmin Rubio-Palis. Approved with Distinction, November 2003.
    Abstract (.doc)